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    Fire Safety in London

    Do you require fire safety services for your business in London?

    Bloomsbury Fire & Security are fire safety experts and carry out fire safety inspections and installations of signage, fire doors and emergency lighting for commercial and industrial sectors.

    Fire Safety Services in London

    Fire safety equipment and products such as fire signage are necessary to any business or premises owner to satisfy UK legal requirements. We provide a full range of fire safety services for your business premises throughout London.


    Free Fire Risk Assessment

    When it comes to fire risk assessments in the work place or any business, the owner or person in charge of premises is legally required to carry out a risk assessment and review it regularly. You must also keep a written record if you have 5 or more people working in the same building.

    The assessment contains a number of steps required such as identifying fire hazards and risk to people, finding ways to remove or reduce risks, preparing emergency plans and providing training to staff.

    There are many things that need to be considered from emergency routes, fire alarm systems, fire extinguisher placement and emergency access for people with disabilities.

    Although you can do the risk assessment yourself it is highly recommended to have a professional with experience do this for you. Bloomsbury Fire & Security have over 20 years’ experience in the fire safety industry and provide free fire risk assessments with every quote so don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

    Having electrical equipment PAT tested is not a legal requirement for any business but the law does require employers to ensure all equipment provided is safe and regularly maintained.

    Our fire safety technicians can inspect and test all kinds of electrical appliances for your home, business or commercial premises. Call us today for a free PAT test quote in London.


    Fire Signage

    All types of businesses and public buildings are required by law to provide adequate fire signage throughout their premises. You must provide fire exit signs to direct people to a safe location in the event of a fire. They should be placed according to the best possible escape route.

    Our fire safety experts can install all types of signage in and around your premises.


    Emergency Lighting

    Emergency lighting is required for businesses as the lighting directs people to the nearest fire exit in the event of an emergency. It is usually powered by a backup generator and is a big job for a large business premises. Call us today to have us install emergency lighting in your premises.


    Fire Doors and Exits

    Fire doors are an excellent way to contain fires and should be implemented in all businesses, especially in areas with high risk of fires. We can install all types of fire doors and exits to help protect your business and satisfy legal requirements.

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